Girlfriends' Teatime - Happy Easter!

Happy Eester​!
"Girlfriends' Teatime IV​", 24"x18", newly finished oil painting on stretched canvas is available for a new home.

This painting is one of the series.
I enjoy the outdoor living in California since it is Mediterranean weather with beautiful scenery. I combined Fauvism and post-impressionism style, by the pastel color painted this piece 90% with my left hand using pallet knife.

I am a 100% right hand person, and I dropped the tools countless times. I had to "hide" my right hand in my pocket, otherwise I would pick up pallet knife unconsciously. It was a great exercise for my right and left brain. Living far away from my hometown and old friends, I have already made some new friends. But we always are busy in life. Having a date, sitting down, having tea or coffee while chatting heart to heart has already become such a luxurious and precious time. Of course, California is one of the main states has a large multi-cultural population. This time, girls wear Chinese Qi Bao dress - Cheongsam, mandarin gown, and had fun with a pet dog.

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