My Hummingbird Neighbors I - An Abandoned Nest

Middle of March, 2012

I am not sure if I believe in a sixth sense or not. At the beginning of this year, I changed a couple of decorations into bird designs, like large candle holder, our table cloth, dish matte, containers, etc. I hadn't borrowed DVDs from our local library for a quite long time. But one day, I grabbed a DVD without reading the details, it was Don Carroll and Noriko Carroll's movie "First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird's Story".  I watched the whole story at home, and gained some basic knowledge about the bird.

There are two plum trees in between our house and our neighbor's. They bloom with gorgeous pink flowers every February, then new leaves cover the entire trees quickly.

During the middle of March, after these two trees were full of leaves, I saw a humming bird hanging around the right side tree from one of our windows, and I was surprised to realize that she was building a nest . She flew in and out countless times during the day time, then she sat on her nest most of time.

Of course, I watched her so carefully through our shears every day. But it was unusual weather this year. It still rained and the winds blew heavily frequently. Watching her suffering in the heavy rain and wind on such cold days, I felt I really should to help her, but I knew I could not and every single thing could bring her more stress or scare her way.

At the end of the March, our new neighbor hummingbird never came back to that nest. Looking at her abandoned nest through the window, I felt very upset and wished I could have done something to help her. Why didn't she build her nest under our roof, like the bird did in "First Flight" I watched.

All hummingbirds have a strong territorial sense. During April, I still saw a hummingbird flying around our plum trees. My imagination made me feel sad as I wondered if it was the same bird, or had another animal stole her egg(s) ...

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