Carson House - Almaden Historic District San Jose California

This property, Carson House, located at Almaden historic district, San Jose, California. It has been placed on the National register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

The one I painted was based on the sketches I did on Christmas day 2017. After the painting was done, I did some research to view the old photos, and realized that there was no cactus in front of the house. I wonder how old those cactus are. The red color fruits on the cactus are very beautiful too. It made me really want to visit this museum as well, but it was closed. Next time I will make it.

Original watercolor of this painting is available for a collector.  Please view a better image @

Carson House 1854 

One of three complete adobe house in New Almaden made of creek gravel and adobe mud. From the plaque on the wall: 

In 1855 a plan of the settlement of the Hacienda, including all homes south of casa grande (The manager's home), to the reduction of works of New Almaden Mine, show House No.1 to No.25 on the creek side of the road. George Carson arrived in New Almaden in Auguest, 1883, inhabiting adobe cottage No.13. He acted as a telegrapher,bookkeeper and postmaster for the company. He later became wells-fargo express agent and held all positions until his death in 1903. Purchased by James E. and Adelaide B.Harley on March 20, 1926. Dedicated May 21, 1982 by James E. and Adelaide Harley, Kambish, Purham families and Mountain Charlie Chapter No. 1850, E.Clampus Vitus. 

Here is the link from Santa Clara County for the history behind:

Historic American Buildings Survey, link


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