After a Long Break...

I didn't paint for almost half a year, not sure what kind of mood blocked me... Actually, I wanted to do it, still had a lot of great ideas, but felt it not easy to focus, or might have been there was some interruption going on... I was told that some artists went through this kind of period, could be shorter or longer... So, I did not worry too much, and waited until I finally finished this still life painting.

(Please click the image to enlarge)

It really took me for a longer time to finish the painting, but I am glad that I could paint again!

At the same time, I found my most earliest still life painting which I did when I was a child without any art instruction... It still surprised me that I painted it purely, directly from what I saw, not from how I felt. I really believe now that II have grown up and older... LOL...

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