Paintings with Auspicious Symbols III - Chrysanthemum Study with Chinese Symbols

Hope my Chinese symbol study which I created this painting with could bring a great deal of positive aspects into your lives.  It contains a number of auspicious symbols including: one turtle, two butterflies and a pair of chairs (a couple of lovers), three Star Gods, three Mandarins, and Nine Chrysanthemum flowers in one vase. Hope my explanation of these symbols could help viewers to understand the meaning, and bring health, happiness and prosperity into your daily lives.

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Three Star Gods (fulushou 福禄寿)
Three Star Gods (fulushou 福禄寿) symbols are on the vase - The Three Star Gods are the God of Fortune (fuxing 福星), God of Prosperity (luxing 祿星) and God of Longevity (shouxing 寿星), each recognizable by the characteristic iconography. They are often represented together.

Vase (花瓶)
Because of the phonetic sound of the vase is "ping' which also means "peace", vases are exceptionally auspicious symbols to have around the house since they signify "perpetual peace and harmony in the home". The vase is also one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism being one of the objects found on the footprints of Buddha.

Violet colored Flowers (紫色花)
In Chinese Feng Shui, many flowers represent good fortune and success. In general,  it is because healthy flowering plants manifest good Chi or positive energy. Flower symbols convey beauty, grace, and perfection. They are also excellent symbols of love, adoration, and unity. Violet is considered a color of royalty and nobility in ancient symbolism. Violets also are the perfect sentiment that says to someone "you are unique, special, and part of a perfect whole." Bringing violet flowers into your life as a symbol of faith, and a reminder that nobility of the heart is the greatest aspiration.

Chrysanthemum (juhua 菊花)
The chrysanthemum is a symbol of autumn and the flower of the ninth moon. It is a symbol of longevity because of its health-giving properties. During the Han dynasty (206 BC- AD 220), people drank chrysanthemum wine on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month to prolong their lives. Nowadays, the Chinese continue to drink chrysanthemum petal tea for its health benefits.

Mandarins signify gold, and are seen as emblems of good fortune. These are often given during the Chinese New Year to wish luck for the coming 12 months. Bring fresh mandarins to your family, friends or relatives to wish them good luck and fortune.

Turtle (乌龟)
Did you know the turtle is one of the oldest living animal ancestors walking on the earth today? The oldest fossils of turtles are dated at over 200 million years old. This animal symbolizes longevity in many cultures and is associated with longevity, endurance, persistence, and the continuation of life. The turtle only has few predators, which gives it an innocent energy. It also increases its lifespan.

Butterfly (蝴蝶)
The Chinese symbol and meaning of the butterfly is that of young love, specifically undying love. The legend story has it that a young male scholar was deeply in love with a rich man's daughter who returned his love. Being a poor scholar, the young man was rejected by the young woman's father. The father separated the couple, and forbid them from seeing each other. Heartbroken, the lovers die, and are reunited in death. Reincarnated as butterflies, the two are together forever.

Representative of the Yang energy, this symbol can energize you or a loved one, it reminds us of the energy of love. it signifies a happy social life forever, or it reminds us of the energy of love.

One (一)
One has aspects that are physical and mental and is all things new or beginning. It's an auspicious number in the Chinese mind. Being number one, is like being on top - it's a symbol of accomplishment and achievement. Number one is also symbolic of the sun, which is abundant in symbolism like health, wealth and security. Number one is lucky in new ventures, maintaining focus to accomplish goals and taking action.

Two (二)
Number Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number Two reflects a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning. Two beckons us to choose. The spiritual meaning of number Two also deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships (both in harmony and rivalry), and communications. Two urges us out of our indecision, calls us to unite with like-minds, and like-ideals. Two asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls.

Three (三)
Three: The spiritual meaning of number Three deals with magic, intuition, fecundity, and advantage. The number Three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. Three is also a time identifier as it represents Past, Present and Future. Consecutive Threes in your life may symbolize the need to express yourself creatively, or consider your present directional path in relation to past events and future goals. Three may also represent promising new adventures, and assurance of cooperation from others whom you may require help. Three typically symbolizes reward and success in most undertakings.

Nine (九)
Also, the meaning of number Nine bring us to the very height of vibrational frequencies in this number sequence. Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference.

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