Happy Lunar New Year - Paintings with Auspicious Symbols

February 10, 2012 is the first day of lunar year of the Snake.  Chinese usually begin the day by offering prayers and welcoming the gods of heaven and earth. Everyone tries to get there early so that their prayers reach the Jade God. Many of us may stay away from a heavy meal, just because we all have had eaten too much in the new year eve.  Many exciting things can be seen in the first 15 days of New Year celebrations. Every day has a special importance to it. Chinese celebrate each day in a traditional manner, some of them have already interpreted into a local way.  Still the meanings of each of the symbols remain.

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Magpies are believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals. In Chinese culture, the magpie is an auspicious bird (the opposite of the crow) which has been depicted in art and literature for thousands of years of history. Magpies appear in the most happy events, representing positive energy for new years celebrations, festivals, birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and any good news, etc..

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I designed "Magpie Singing at the Bath" by adding many auspicious symbolic items, like bamboo (longevity, the spirit of scholars), water(prosperity, opportunity, wealth), and full moon (joyful reunion, especially for family and lovers) against the auspicious red/orange colors in the background expressing good luck, or good news coming from hearing the singing of a magpie, or even better seeing one.
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