Old Man and His Bike - 老人和自行车

This is one of my first paintings from when I started almost 10 years ago. 

I aimed to capture the old Beijing culture with an old man and his bicycle.

Typically the retired people enjoy hobbies like carrying pet birds in cages to nearby parks for a morning walk, Chigong, chat, chess game with others... Often they would carry small radios to listen to their favorite channels playing Chinese operas, traditional novels or historical stories. Afternoons would pass with a nap in the park or sitting out enjoying sunlit porches.

My painting expresses a moment typical of a day like this in Beijing where I was born and grew up.

Please view a better image at: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/old-man-and-his-bike-xueling-zou.html.  Please view more photos at my Photography - China Gallery:

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