Autumn Colors in Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world, with hundreds of vineyards set amid rolling hills. I have been there many times, but not every time I could capture the scenes I love, sometimes I was in a rush, other time the weather or lighting wasn't right. Just like wine tasting, not each time you could experience the most delicious taste.

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Autumn is always my favorite season. It is still warm, colorful everywhere with harvest, and I usually can get the most of inspiration. Once I saw a perfect wine country scenery just in perfect timing during autumn in Napa, but I forgot to charge the battery in my camera.  I guess it is one of the reasons I have to go back.  Ha ha ha...

It wasn't easy for agriculture  in California since it hasn't rained enough for years.  I saw colors are different this year through the incredible scenery, the layering of lines and patterns in the valley.  It had built up more ochre yellow all over, especially in those warm tones contrasted by the natural landscape, like red, orange, burnt sienna, burnt umber, including alizarin crimson. How fascinating! Can you believe it? Do you think the lack of water could effect the taste of wine, I wonder?

PS.  The beauty of Napa Valley in autumn reminds me one of my favorite Chinese poems written by Guo Xiaochuan:

《团泊洼的秋天》—— 郭小川














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