Healing Lights

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Buddha

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This true story really touches me, so I'v decided to share it with the people who create art or love art.
Photography is not my main purpose, being an independent artist I've taken many photos for my painting references everywhere I go for owning the copyrights. This was one of photos I took at a temple in San Francisco a couple years ago. Lights are Yang energy in FengShui. I thought it was positive, auspicious, and posted it on my website to share.

Two month ago, I received a message from a friend on Facebook:

"Hi Xueling, I need some professional advice. Here is the story, My sweet daughter, Alyssa Tabit, lives in LA. Last October she went with her boyfriend to Ohio for a wedding. We received a devastating call on the morning of October 7th. Our daughter had been in a very serious motor vehicle accident. She was in critical condition in a level 2 trauma center in Ohio. My husband, myself, and my oldest daughter found our way there immediately. She was in critical condition. Fractured bones throughout her entire body, bleeding in her brain, etc. etc. Fast forward 3 months later we were able to take her out of the hospital, only to go back for more surgery. Then on December 24th we found surgeons in LA who would be able to help with the facial trauma. We're able to get her home, and she has been fighting ever since. She has a strong spirit, and is just a very sweet, amazing 27 year old woman. Now... I saw your "Healing Lights" and fell in love. I know Alyssa will love it too. I want to show you a room of hers that I think it would look wonderful in. She spends a great deal of time in this cozy living room, and I think your art would bring her peace. I would like you to look at the room and advise as to which piece, size etc to choose for her. Her birthday is coming up, and I would like to send her something very, very special."

After a couple messages exchanged I found out that she wanted her daughter to have it on her birthday. She purchased this print with a little bit my contribution (a discount code wish could help her daughter recover sooner).

"Hi Xueling, just wanted you to see the message my daughter sent me when she received her gift yesterday. Will send you a pic when she hangs it. She has been sleeping with it by her bed at night. She believes it will bring her luck, as she is going to the eye surgeon for follow up surgery today."

"Mama it is the most special, beautiful, amazing piece ever. You truly have no idea how happy it makes me."

It encourages me and touches me at the same time.  Art not only can bring world beauty and joy, but also can be more meaningful with healing energy.  I wish her, especially her daughter the best, hope all is well.  I hope I can create more art and lit more people's life!

P.S. I messaged this lady to ask for permission for this post, she responded:
"Both alyssa and I would be honored. No need to remove her name. She wants her story out there. She is trying to motivate. She has a YouTube video with her story. It would make her happy to know that others know how much your work touched her, and helped her through a difficult time. On another subject, Heidi (our mutual friend) and I have been good friends since high school. I told her how we you and I became Facebook friends through her, and what your work did for Alyssa. We were both happy."

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