Study on Boats I - Oil Paintings

"It almost doesn't matter what you paint. It is what takes place during the act of painting that matters.

It doesn't matter what style or technique you use. It is the artistic result and personal development that counts."

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I love boats, studying on boats is a joy to me.  I can easily wander around dock, look at each one of the boats, take countless photos for hours.  Of course, I enjoy painting them as well.  

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As Joseph Addison (1672 – 1719, English essayist, poet, playwright and politician.) said, "The chief ingredients in the composition of those qualities that gain esteem and praise, are good nature, truth, good sense, and good breeding."

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To me, getting the best composition is the key of an successful painting, then shape, color palette...

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"The act of painting is a spiritual covenant between the maker and the higher powers. the Intent of the artist flows through the work of art, no matter what the technique or style."  (―Audrey Flack "Art &Soul - Notes on Creating")

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