Red-Haired Girl on a Sydney Train

Last time when I visited Sydney, Australia, I saw this red-haired young lady on the train going downtown carrying a very large brunch of gardenias, she was almost buried by the flowers she carried, they brought such a lovely fragrance surrounding her on the train.

(Please click the image to enlarge)

Luckily, she was looking outside of the window, so I could study her from where I sat: Her red dress was a tiny bit longer than the short black unbuttoned-wind-jacket she was wearing. Her short red hair was contrasted by the collar of her black jacket, her two lean and long legs were positioned gently and femininely on the blue covered seat... I realized that this was not the main reason to grab my attention. From my artistic vision it was the beauty of the whole package - youth, color contrast, simplicity, freshness, sweetness, dreaming... full of life, maybe some mysterious reason too since I had no idea who she was! Finally, I painted her for sharing what I had seen with my feeling about the moment in that morning on a Sydney train.

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