A Perfect Winter Night

I've always loved snow since I can remember. After living in California over 11 years. I don't think I can bear the coldness any longer.

(Please click the image to enlarge)

As deep as I try to hide my emotion, the often this imaginary perfect winter night haunts me. Because of the fairy stories, novels and poems I had read, so there was always a beautiful European style architecture instantly came to my mind, white snowy roofs, peaceful streets, maybe a white night, still could see outside the snow. Every family had a warm cozy house, enjoying a home made delicious dinner together in front of the fire place, with happy music at the background, should be full of joy and love with parents, grandparents all together. We didn't have to grow up or older, just stayed in that perfect night forever...

I had been dreaming this painting for a very long time. There might be some missing part in my life, might be a rootless feeling that urged me to create this piece. It was based on a black and white photo taken in 1999, there was no snow in it.

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