Peru Impression I - 秘鲁印像一

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This piece memorializes a moment from one of my travel experiences. Although we only spent a few days in Cusco, Peru before we headed to Machu Picchu , my impression remains vivid - the expression of this little girl whose mother carried her without complaint up and down the endless uneven steps in this beautiful but ancient city built of millions of stones, and thousands of steps... At the altitude it was hard enough to even breath let alone carry the extra weight of this child who was 4-5 year's-old, not a young baby. Her curious glance captured my attention and I was so touched by the mother and daughter' s relationship and their deep unconditional love... So I captured a couple shots, created this painting in oil after I came back to my home base studio, and I named it as "A Bundle Buggy Swaddle" as part of my Peru Impression series.

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I was inspired to paint this piece by the corn fields and how the Peruvian people dry their corns in the harvest season, and also their unique abode houses in a village nearby Pisac, Peru.

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That was one of my favorite trips in Peru, though it was too short. I love Peruvian culture and people. Their unique architecture, beautifully designed traditional textiles... So much to learn and appreciate. Next one I will post photos I captured from one of the most famous ancient landmarks - Machu Picchu, I feel proud just having been there...

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