All My Loving I will Send to You

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This title was inspired by a Beatles' song. I was introduced to many Beatles songs since I came. This is one of them inspired me, so I had decided to create a piece where this song guides me...

Here is the link of The Beatles - All My Loving ( Close Your Eyes ):

Living in California for twelve years now. Eleven years ago, I started painting, but seldom felt desire to paint the scenery where I live.

Not long ago, I made a decision that I had to make myself feel happy about living here, accept it and being accepted.

Two Weeks ago, I was so stuck by this piece I was creating, I painted over and over again... it was about 11pm at Friday night, I didn't even want to eat my dinner, still searching for idea how to create this piece to express my own feeling about the half-surreal, California scene in summer.

Suddenly, I received an email from a FAA member.  It was the first time she emailed and asked me if I was looking for inspiration. I told her everything, including why this piece was so important to me... Felt relieved and so tired after I sent out my email, then I went to bed.

The next morning, I realized that she sent me many her own photos of California scene and cows over night. She shared her ideas how to present the cows as well, etc. How could I not to be touched by her effort and encouragement. Still struggling on this piece for another week, but it is my first California scene I created and inspired by Beatles song. That to this so well understanding artist friend! Without your selfless help and well understanding, I might not finish this piece in a happy mood!

We've decided that we are going to meet some day, since she lives not too far from me. I can't wait:)!

My art portfolio at:
Here is the link of her artist website:

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