My Orchid - 我的兰花

Can you believe that my orchid (yellow cymbidium) finally is blooming now after TEN years of rest? What a "Sleeping Beauty"! (Click the image to view a better result).

A good friend of mine - she is a plant expert gave this orchid to me (a plant lover) during the spring time when I just got settled here. It was in a one gallon container, and bloomed with gorgeous yellow flowers. I was so touched by her sincere friendship, at the same time I was overjoyed to watch the flowers whenever I had a little time. 

She also taught me how to treat this type of orchid, what kind of fertilizers used during which season, how often to water it with a treated water (temperature, no chlorine, etc.). I did take very good care of my orchid like a super princess. Left it and moved it around in a perfect spot, no direct sunlit, only the morning sun or later afternoon ones. No matter how busy I was, I'd rather have missed my breakfasts hundred times, but the first thing I spritzed it for increasing the humidity after I got up every morning. Because the area where I live there is no rain about six month usually. 

Actually, I had been doing the same treatment for years. And each year I had a hope to see the flowers for the next spring. Nothing happened, besides I transplanted it into a four gallon container in 9 years. Maybe it was a hermaphroditic I thought... Last year, I almost forgot about it, watered it when I remembered to, maybe once or twice a month, only fertilize a couple of times maximum if I remembered correctly.

Before the Chinese Luna New Year, I normally do a major clean job for everything. So, I moved all my plants around. What a big surprise to see there were two bud stems standing out from the silent orchid. I almost could not believe my eyes.

Now, it blooms so beautifully in my backyard, I've been busy to capture this precious beauty queen almost everyday with a big smile. What magic, it can bring me so much joy:-)! I wonder if the nature plays game with me, or what I should do it next;-).

If you are interested in what other artists think about my orchid, simply click the image.   Or visit my online fine art original portfolio at:, thank you:-)!


  1. It is a beautiful flower. Glad it will be blooming this year.

  2. Wow!!!
    Your orchid is really a wonderful flower!!
    For sometimes things expected for too long and appear without advertisement is the most valued!!

  3. Hello Xueling! What a charming story. In this case, negligence seems to have done something extraordinary. Orchids are amazing in how they can grow almost anywhere, and seem to thrive; so unlike human lives.
    The Princess is beautiful, and should live for a long time.
    When my parents bought our family home in 1944, where my sister still lives, there was a large group of lilacs, probably planted around 1914 when the house was built. When my father built a garage in the 1970s, where many of the lilacs were located, he simply dug them up and transplanted them to another location. They transferred so well, there are now two big groupings, and every year, they bloom so perfectly, after almost 100 years. I don't think anyone ever "did" anything to them, but nature took care of its own. I think your orchid story has many of the same characteristics of our family home's lilacs!
    Best wishes as always, Kirsten


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