My Orchid - 我的兰花

Can you believe that my orchid (yellow cymbidium) finally is blooming now after TEN years of rest? What a "Sleeping Beauty"! (Click the image to view a better result).

A good friend of mine - she is a plant expert gave this orchid to me (a plant lover) during the spring time when I just got settled here. It was in a one gallon container, and bloomed with gorgeous yellow flowers. I was so touched by her sincere friendship, at the same time I was overjoyed to watch the flowers whenever I had a little time. 

She also taught me how to treat this type of orchid, what kind of fertilizers used during which season, how often to water it with a treated water (temperature, no chlorine, etc.). I did take very good care of my orchid like a super princess. Left it and moved it around in a perfect spot, no direct sunlit, only the morning sun or later afternoon ones. No matter how busy I was, I'd rather have missed my breakfasts hundred times, but the first thing I spritzed it for increasing the humidity after I got up every morning. Because the area where I live there is no rain about six month usually. 

Actually, I had been doing the same treatment for years. And each year I had a hope to see the flowers for the next spring. Nothing happened, besides I transplanted it into a four gallon container in 9 years. Maybe it was a hermaphroditic I thought... Last year, I almost forgot about it, watered it when I remembered to, maybe once or twice a month, only fertilize a couple of times maximum if I remembered correctly.

Before the Chinese Luna New Year, I normally do a major clean job for everything. So, I moved all my plants around. What a big surprise to see there were two bud stems standing out from the silent orchid. I almost could not believe my eyes.

Now, it blooms so beautifully in my backyard, I've been busy to capture this precious beauty queen almost everyday with a big smile. What magic, it can bring me so much joy:-)! I wonder if the nature plays game with me, or what I should do it next;-).

If you are interested in what other artists think about my orchid, simply click the image.   Or visit my online fine art original portfolio at:, thank you:-)!

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