A Generous Bulgarian Artitst - Petko Pemaro

Struggling through the whole weekend, finally I finished Petko's portrait based on the only one picture I have ever seen of his - his FAA avatar. I hope it could express my thanks to Petko who had made an eight minutes and fifteen seconds long animated slide show with a beautiful music of my oil paintings on Youtube. After I did a search, and I had found out that I was only the one of one hundred eighteen FAA members Petko made such a wonderful work for!

Being an artist, I really admire his great work through his FAA online gallery! His painting style is bold and energetic, really represents his passion and devotion to art and to other artists. Now, I feel that I have discovered his incredible soul is much bigger than ordinary artists. I do need some more English language to help express my respect, my honor and my great thanks to him!!  (Please click the image to enlarge)

Please visit my online gallery at:  http://xueling-zou.artistwebsites.com/ , or click the image to view more work of mine, thank you

Here is the animated slide show Petko Pemaro made for my oil paintings:-), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXsfxo-O7cQ

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