Art can Help to Heal I

To me that it is a long process to get involved in creating art and at the same time gaining balance in life! There are some art works I have done and the stories behind them I would love to share with you in this blog.

Art, like dance, music, painting, poetry, sculpture and visual art really can help ourselves, others, community and the earth to heal. If our body, mind, spirit are out of balance, we all can get great benefit from doing art, it really depends on what we have the most passion to do!

Religion and the spirit world probably began about 50,000 years ago. Religion is considered to be a universal cultural trait, common to all human cultures worldwide right throughout the history of humanity. 

ST Patricia

This icon I copied from one of Ravenna's splendid mosaics. I love being creative, so I named it as 'St Patricia', because the dark color hair, long nose, big eyes and the sharp chin look just like my mother-in-law, who is half Italian, but she has beautiful green eyes.  So I changed the color of eyes to green instead of brown. She is a very devote Catholic who goes to pray in church everyday, and at home too. Also, she is very good artist as well, she has painted so many icons to give to churches and the people she knows.

Spring Celebration

Andrei Rublev’s (1370-1430) Icon of the Holy Trinity; Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, 142 x 114 cm. -
I interpreted this famous icon by changing the colors and ignoring the suffering faces, but kept the graceful positions which I love for a spring celebration with angels:-D.

Both work you can find at my Gallery of Icon or Photography - Healing or Religiosity at:


  1. Nice to learn more about you, Xueling. Didn't know your MIL is half Italian. The works are great, too. I like that you leftout the suffering faces. IMO, they wouldn't be suffering if they were spiritually advanced. -Joyce


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