Art can Help to Heal II

Knocking on Heaven's Door

I saw this nun walking against the beautiful ruined wall the day I just arrived Antigua, Guatemala in February 2010. So, I followed her in the street and took 2 photos. I painted it after I came back my stedio. The title was inspired by one of the most famous song of Bob Dylan's. Because the way she knocked was very mysterious.


This is the story of how I was inspired to paint "Confess..."

When visiting the extraordinary ruins at Qoricancha (Golden Temple) in Cusco Peru, I followed a guy entering a huge gate into a quiet area, I found myself in the beautiful baroque church of Santa Domingo (I found out later). First I saw a statue of the praying Virgin Mary, illuminated and radiant in front of the alter; second, I turned around and saw many golden arches with painted angels near the ceiling. At the same time I realized that a few workers were doing minor construction. Third, I heard a loud voice in Spanish I couldn't understand, and turned back, there was an angry priest in a white vestment shouting and making hand signals to me. It seemed I could be sent to hell immediately if I stayed one more second. I ran out as soon, as fast as I could, and wondered if he was really a priest in his heart, or only by his job title...

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