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Turkey Tom's Tango - Title Inspiration

They are ocellated turkeys. I first saw them when I traveled in Guatemala, but could not realize that  they were in wild.  I was not surprised that some people mistake this type of turkeys for peacocks.  Both of them are birds with similar and beautiful teal colors and patterned feathers covering their bodies, especially when a male opens his fan in order to attract a female's attention. 

After day by day study, maybe the autumn feeling urged me to paint a pair of ocellated turkeys in front of a farm, because I haven't seen them in North America. 

The more I got into the painting, the more I felt the love between this pair of birds.  I really didn't want to think about Thanksgiving.  I would love to create an environment where they are happy as long as they should live, no matter whether they lived in wild or on a farm.

After the painting was done, I was happy for the result.  I posted a thread at, and recei…

Jazz San Francisco - Inspired by Blues and Jazz Music

My newly finished original oil painting on canvas, 36"x24"x1.5", "Jazz San Francisco", was inspired by Blues and Jazz musicians and their soulful music! I posted a basic drawing on Facebook before ( 

I am very lucky to live in the Bay Area, California.  Each year we could join many Music or Art and Wine Festivals.  We could experience the all kinds music or see many styles of art from all over the world and from the locals.  Being a part of the audience at many shows, I think Blues and Jazz music are the best.   The musicians could let us feel their souls from their beautiful and expressive playing or singing.  Slowly, I get to know more and deeper.

Still, I remember that I didn't like the life here for a long time.  I was so disappointed and expressed it through my artwork "San Francisco Moments", which I created in 2012.  Far away from family and friends.  It seems that no-one could really understood my …