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Grandpa's Hallway before and after

Being an artist, I can visually create an image in my minds eye. Here is the example of a small painting project.  I did 2 paintings, one is the hallway before, and another one is the hallway after an imaginary makeover.

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An inherited house from grandpa, a couple didn't want to give up anything from the past with those beautiful memories of their grandpa. But they felt depressed living in the house.

The 2nd painting was a suggestion to relocated some of the old furniture and repaint the interior. They took my advice and did a minimal renovation for their hallway as the first step. And now, they are happily living there with their beloved dog, the Hallway Before is handing in their hallway now:-)!
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Happy Mother's Day - The Red Shoes

This painting was inspired by "The Red Shoes", which was first introduced to me by my mother. To me The Red Shoes has become a symbol of a career woman who has devoted her life to her job, or made some sacrifice in life. I painted this piece with my love for my mother.  Slowly I understand her more and more day after day. Happy Mother's Day!

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This piece won the 1st place in the Contest - Shoes on May 18th, 2012. 
Inside and out Mom and I are so different, only one thing I have in common with her - a fast walk. She is outgoing, can make friends everywhere she goes through a very short conversation, rich or poor, old or young, higly educated person or without any education, even in different cultures, sometimes without language communication...

She was beautiful and talented in theater arts, dancing, singing and acting. She was chosen to be an actress in a couple of movies when she was very young. Then she became a principal opera singer (…

The Twin Sisters - A Book Cover Design

I had this opportunity to create a booklet by using mixed media for a Japanese Twin Sister's story. This was the design for the cover and the intruction page.

The story is about Japanese twin sisters who were separated since they were born, one lived in the east and other one lived in the west. Finally, they found each other after 20 years, but their destiny could not make their joyful reunion easy, or stay for long...

Additional changes were required for adding the cherry blossom to the design. It was just the right timing as they were blooming in our location in April. So, I took a perfect "Twin blossom" and added to it. 

Cherry trees and their blossoms in Japan go by the name of sakura and carry a great cultural meaning and significance for the people of Japan. The word sakura would translate as the Japanese flowering cherry tree in English whereas the blossoms are referred to as cherry blossoms. Originally, the purpose of hanami excursions was to ponder the transien…