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African American Portraits I - Female Expression

- By Vernon J. Davis Jr.   Author of " Love Is The Beautiful Black Woman"
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Beautiful black woman, your beauty is surpassed by none
Beautiful black woman, your sensuous splendor is like the shining sun your Wondrous ways come from your soul Which no one man may hope to control
Beautiful black woman, you are the guiding hope of our people
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Beautiful black woman, your mind maintains Your glorious power
Beautiful black woman, your spirit is like a shining church tower which points the way to heaven above and which seeks to find true love
Beautiful black woman, you are the guiding Hope of our people
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Beautiful black woman, your time is like a precious commodity
Beautiful black woman, your ebony will is Strong and free so take your precious time And your determined will and use them both to Emphasize what you really feel
Beautiful black woman, you are the gui…

Lucky Being Born in Autumn幸运出生在秋季

Wine tasting is always an excitement for my husband, so he signed up for one with his company. Any alcohol makes me feel extremely thirsty, I am not as huge a fan as him, so, it is not a big deal to me.  I'd rather enjoy and always am inspired by nature!  It was only Wednesday, usually he works long hours. But today's event made both us in a very light mood.

Byington is a family-owned winery, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the South Bay, California, only about 30 minutes drive from Silicon Valley where we live, if there is no traffic. There are 95-acres of estate owned by the Byington family, and it is the home of their Italian-style chateau winery and vineyard operation.

While my husband enjoyed the wine tasting with his co-workers, I had a tranquil moment walking up the rolling hills between the rows of grapes and taking footage by myself, far away from the noise and busy life.

What a perfect day in autumn visiting a winery, with a wonderful dry but breezy Califo…

Guatemala Impression - 危地马拉印像

We traveled from Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenango, Xela, Coban, Flores, Tikal, Rio Dulce, and Livingston for 14 days in Guatemala last year, because the airline ticket was on sale. We did not even have more than 10 words in Spanish, and you can imagine it was not an easy trip especially during the low season.

Guatemala really is a beautiful country! Unfortunately, what we saw was how hard the people have been working since they were still very young. Making a living is very tough for most families. Everywhere we went, the local kids surrounded me and called me "China, China,..." in Spanish! I wish I was able to understand a little bit more about what they tried to say. They were so friendly to me, and very deeply touched my heart...Like most of Chinese, I am not afraid eating and trying all kinds of food. Because we faced a lot of stresses with language barrier, all the bus connections, which were never on schedule and our traveler's checks did not work or were l…

4-Year-Old Talented Drummer

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I just posted a new oil portrait, here is the story behind:

Sunday, July 17, 2011, I went to Los Altos farmers market. A beautiful blues voice and music attracted my attention. I walked close by and saw a young girl playing saxophone, and an older guy singing... I heard the drummer playing amazingly too, but could not see anyone there from the crowd.

Unfortunately, it was the last song, and the singer announced that the drummer was 4 years old. It was hard to believe, but it was true.

It was around noon. I saw this little shy mixed boy was holding his mother's hand, standing under the Californian strong sun shining down on his head, while his mother was busy answering questions from other people. I tried very hard to capture the boy's face, and imagined the bright future ahead of him... Sorry I didn't get their band's name, I am sure there are a lot of other people who know:-)!

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The Spirit of the Sea - Pacific Voyagers

What a great inspiration! Unknown in advance, I had seen the Pacific Voyagers and seven boats at Monterey Bay, California!

August 13, 2011, late afternoon sun shone on the weekend Monterey beach. I saw some unusual boats, actually ancient looking boats, mostly like the boats made by Maori people from New Zealand, anchored to the beach in the bay.

I was so attracted by the beauty of those boats, and a couple of handsome sailors paddling people back and forth from the beach to the boats. I didn't want to miss this good opportunity, and started shooting...

A local lady chatted with me that these were Pacific Voyagers - a group of Pacific Islanders from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Vanuatu, and Tonga. They started in April of this year, passing the Marquesas, and Hawaii on their journey.

Also she said that I missed seeing the landing, which was a traditional American Indian ceremony for welcoming friends from a…

Practice painting with my left hand

I am a right-handed person. Especially writing in Chinese, parents have to train us from a very young age, and make sure we all use our right hands correctly.

Painting itself is an art, there is no right or wrong answer for any result, just like every single individual, we all have our own characters. Being a visual artist, how we can well present our artistic style takes a lifetime to find out. Though as time passes styles change as well.

I don't like to get stuck with the same style and same color tone, that would be too boring for me. Change is an excitement in life, of course it could be painful sometimes. But I enjoy doing something different all the time, that is my style I believe. I don't think I could run out of ideas, maybe that is my creative "problem" :-).

So, I painted these works with my left hand. I was so frustrated holding my brush, as an adult starting to train my brain to do something really odd. I remember that my brush jumped out of my left han…

Raining Autumn Leaves - 秋雨落叶

Rain of Leaves

It's raining big,
It's raining small,
It's raining autumn leaves
In fall.

It's raining gold
And red and brown
as autumn leaves
come raining down.

It's raining everywhere
I look
It's raining bookmarks
On my book!

I've found Aileen Fisher's Rain of Leaves perfectly fits into the weather these days and my capture, simple and delightful. It brings me back to my childhood...

Please view a better image or more photos at my Photography - Scapes Gallery:

My Early Watercolor Paintings

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It has been 10 years now since I started painting both oils and watercolors. I have been too busy to focus on oil, and have almost forgot that I paint watercolor as well. If you are curious for the reason, you can read my "A White Peacock" story in this blog.

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Still I remember at the very beginning, I did not know any watercolor techniques, just followed my feeling and basic idea to draw the structure on the paper and fill in colors which I thought were right. That was how I created my watercolors then, can you believe it?

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Now, I look back at my original work, and realize that I may really have some artistic talent as told by many people, but which I personally have always had doubts about. Of course, if you never try and you never know. I really have been learning a long and tough way in life so far. And also, I believe that it is the greatest tip just keep doing and wor…