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Plein Air @ Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, CA 加州風景寫生

I just received my new brush I ordered from excited to try it, and came back to Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay. It was a warm day, not too windy. I didn't like my last boat painting. but the old rusty fishing boat wasn't parked at the position so I couldn't easily see it. Well, many other boats I could paint were here. Dinner time, there was a clever seal swimming around waiting for food he could get from fishermen. Unfortunately the hairs of my new brush (made in Germany) was immediately spread apart on my first stroke. I didn't have time to feel disappointment, the sun started setting down, the temperature was dropping dramatically that I felt cold. The reflection of the boats was so beautiful, but I knew that I had to continue painting, no time for a photo. I am happy with today's result, loose not stiff, that is the way I like. I guess I have to painting during limited time period.

Plein Air @ Shoreline Lake Boathouse, Mountain View, CA. 加州風景寫生

Today looked like a pleasant day, but it was cold and windy at the location, my second time painting here. There were many little flies sticking on to my wet painting. Six hours painting outdoors, light kept changing, but I could finish this 12"x9" small piece painting. Had to wait till it got drier to fix it. Felt starving, cold and tired...

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