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Sketch and Hike on Christmas Day

Today is Christmas, and I am back to this county park. Sketching a little bit, but ended up on a four-hour-hike in the mountain. I've learned a lot about the history of the old mine here. Nature inspires me! Enjoying editing my photos and a couple of small videos to create this short animated story on my smart phone. Merry Christmas to every one🎄!

I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Just like many adults, I have discovered that a certain part inside me has never grown up. For example, I love Christmas decoration lights. I have to go out and see them around Christmas time, and sing "I wish you a Merry Christmas..." whenever or wherever there is one I really like.

Last year before Christmas I drove by a small house, there were a couple working on deceleration. I was wondering how they were going to decorate it, it will be worth me sing the song after it was done?

At Christmas Eve early evening, a well decorated bright gingerbread house caught my eye while I was driving by. I instant started singing "I wish you a Merry Christmas...". This lovely and cozy feeling house really brought me so much joy, not only visually, also I imagined how much loving care the owners put into it sharing the holiday spirit and beauty with the world, though they only lived in such a tiny house. Then I had to stop my car, to capture the moment. I realized this was th…

Plein Air @ Bernal Historic Ranch Park, CA 加州风景水彩寫生

Plein air @ Bernal Historic Ranch Park, CA. My 2nd time to paint here. Last time, a little boy came by to critique my painting, he wanted me paint a blue sky. Today, I painted a blue sky, I was painting for him... Where was he?

Hope you will like my first little animated story about my plain air @ Bernal Historic Ranch Park, CA. I had fun to edit it on my smart phone by using very limited phone captures and a nice soundtrack🎬. Sure I will do better next time.

Plein air @ Almaden Quicksilver County Park, San Jose, CA 加州风景水彩寫生

🎨Plein air @ Almaden Quicksilver County Park, San Jose, CA. It was about 50 degree this morning with wind. Followed the GPS direction, and my smart phone had no signal. I got lost for a little while, then found the park. Felt chilly for out door painting. But I did it. 加洲风景水彩寫生.