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Dream Big - Passion Has Become My Natural Pain Killer

I think I am quite lucky that I have already found my passion in life - painting and creating art.   This is the only thing I do not want missing no matter what happens.  One day I had this idea in mind, so I used red color to describe the awful pain expanding over my body that I have experienced recently, especially during the time I sleep.  Concentrating on painting this piece for hours like normal, I forgot to eat and even drink water.  After it was done, the name naturally came to me "Dream Big", Yes, I encourage myself and do not let anything destroy my passion! Suddenly, I discovered that painting helped me forget my pain surprisingly.  Really true - my passion has become my most natural pain killer during the time I created this piece!

(Please click the image to enlarge)
It seems that there are always some obstacles in the course of life. I've always reminded myself that I should believe in myself and I would create a master piece after going through these first.  …