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Happy Father's Day! - An Unfinished Still Life "Father Made me a Blue Desk"

This is an unfinished still life painting in honor of my father, I painted for to express the hidden emotions that I wished to express on many Father's Days past.

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The desk no longer exists.  My father made it for me when I was in primary school, and painted with our favorite color blue.  I studied, reading books on this desk till I started high school, also learn drawing and painting for a short while. This painting is from a childhood memory - heavy and painful, clear and cloudy all in one breath.

There are two bamboo pen stands my father carved with his beautiful calligraphy, the smallest one was made for me with his words of love and wish.  The bamboo flute in the stand was my father's instrument that he played once for a while when he was alive.  Luckily, I still have those objects with me.

My father hand carved the two bamboo pen stands.  The smallest one was for me with loving words and best wishes inscribed upon it.  The bamboo flute w…

Painting with Auspicious Symbols VII - Magpies 喜鹊

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The magpie, xi que, a bird symbolizing great joy, can appear in these forms: plum blossom is said to be a sign of good luck, friendship and happiness. Two magpies, shuang xi 双喜(囍), symbolized the wish that you find each other in joy. Chinese use both words and a pair of magpies symbols for wedding, anniversary and business success. The rebus of a magpie depicted at the top of a branch has the meaning of happiness before your face," or xi shang mei shao 喜上眉梢.

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