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My Hummingbird Neighbors V

Some people believe that there is no winter in California.  Even if it is not as cold as it is on the East Coast, we have less activities during our winter time. There are a couple months of cold raining days, a couple of frosty days, and the temperature can drop down to about 30 F degrees,

I was quite lucky to have this opportunity to watch and learn more about how a hummingbird mom raised her little family during May in previous years.  After coming back at the end of April last year, I had no idea what happened but only saw an empty hummingbird nest.  Was the mom successful raising her babies?

Hummingbird mom is the most independent mother I think.  She searches for a safe area, builds a nest, hatches her eggs (usually two), feeds, raises and trains her babies all by herself after pregnancy. Finally she has to push the grown-up babies out of the home area at the end of raising them.

It didn't rain enough last winter. Not all the autumn leaves fell off the trees and we could see…