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Paintings with Auspicious Symbols IV - Umbrellas

This painting "Dreaming Beneath Umbrellas" is a contemporary interpretation on this classic Chinese Feng Shui symbol of protection.

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Chinese umbrellas are the earliest known umbrellas used, and have existed for over 2,000 years, where they subsequently spread across Asia. In the beginning, Chinese umbrellas were made of silk, and later paper umbrellas were created. The first waterproof umbrella Oil-paper umbrella (Chinese: 油紙傘) and the first collapsible umbrella were originated from China. Eventually, paper parasols came to be associated with nobility and other high ranking officials.

According to legend, at one time, 24 paper umbrellas were carried before the Emperor to protect him from the sun while hunting. The frames of most umbrellas in China were and are made from bamboo or mulberry bark, for protecting people from rain as well as sunlight. Some of them were painted too. In old days, the royal families typically carried red or yellow…

Paintings with Auspicious Symbols III - Chrysanthemum Study with Chinese Symbols

Hope my Chinese symbol study which I created this painting with could bring a great deal of positive aspects into your lives.  It contains a number of auspicious symbols including: one turtle, two butterflies and a pair of chairs (a couple of lovers), three Star Gods, three Mandarins, and Nine Chrysanthemum flowers in one vase. Hope my explanation of these symbols could help viewers to understand the meaning, and bring health, happiness and prosperity into your daily lives.

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Three Star Gods (fulushou 福禄寿)
Three Star Gods (fulushou 福禄寿) symbols are on the vase - The Three Star Gods are the God of Fortune (fuxing 福星), God of Prosperity (luxing 祿星) and God of Longevity (shouxing 寿星), each recognizable by the characteristic iconography. They are often represented together.

Vase (花瓶)
Because of the phonetic sound of the vase is "ping' which also means "peace", vases are exceptionally auspicious symbols to have around the house since they …