Lady from Bangladesh

There are many beautiful portraits that have visually showed us the subject's personality, history and culture.  I think facial expression is another very interesting subject in art.  That is why I love to study it.  I do it differently than some artists who just copying a photo.  I'd rather to know a little bit more about my subject before I start painting.  Here are some some portraits I painted and the stories behind them.  Please visit my online gallery at: to see more.

Lady from Bangladesh was the portrait I painted in March 2011. We used to be neighbors for a short while. Her name is Tahmina. She was the mother of three very nice and well-educated boys, with such a sweet character. One early morning, I saw her dressed this lovely traditional pink/magenta sari in the garden, the morning light went through her veil, shining on her face... I went back and grabbed my camera immediately and took a couple of photos. After almost three years I fulfilled my promise to finish her portrait.

Actually, I did another a year before, but I didn't captured her expression as I wanted to. I drove back to the old place in June 2011, gave this painting to her. She was overjoyed with teas in her eyes, and her family was so thrilled, not only because they loved what I did, but because her third boy had already graduated from college and they had just bought their first home in America and would soon move in. I felt so happy for them, because I knew that it was not easy life the first generation immigrants trying to make a decent living in this country.

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