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Chinese Moon Festival II - A Classical Poem and Homesick 中秋节思乡

Dream in the Night

— Interpreted by Xu YuanChong

Abed, I see a silvery light,

I wonder if it's frost aground.

Looking up, I find the moon bright;

Bowing, in homesickness I'm drowned.静夜思

— 李白




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This poem written by Li Bai (701 – 762) who was a major Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty poetry period - China's "golden age" of classical Chinese poetry ( ). It was one of the first classical poems I was taught before my primary school. Of course, I would not know the meaning at that young age. The older I get and the farther I live from home, the deeper I feel this poem, which is more often appearing in my head. Hiding my tears used to be part my character. But now, I can no longer control it behind my eyes whenever I think of it...

Another Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again, which is a popular lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and some other Asian countries …

Celebrate My Blog's 1st Year Birthday and Introduce My Facebook Fan Page

September 14, 2012 was my blog's 1st birthday, and I almost got 10,000 viewers here!! But I didn't feel well yesterday :(...

Recently, I haven't posted much here, just because I was too busy building my Facebook page, which I just launched in June. I am such a lucky person, and I have already got 160 likes on my page. Now, I would love to introduce it to you, in case you haven't been there and would be interested in being a friend or just checking out my Facebook fan page. Of course your support and encouragement are the key to me developing as a visual artist:)!

(Please click the image to enlarge) The portfolio picture on my fan page was the part of my first self-portrait I painted at the end of 2010, to those viewers we haven't met yet, welcome and thank you!

My fan page:, and my Facebook timeline at:

I am happy that I have got so many friends' su…

All My Loving I will Send to You

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This title was inspired by a Beatles' song. I was introduced to many Beatles songs since I came. This is one of them inspired me, so I had decided to create a piece where this song guides me...

Here is the link of The Beatles - All My Loving ( Close Your Eyes ):

Living in California for twelve years now. Eleven years ago, I started painting, but seldom felt desire to paint the scenery where I live.

Not long ago, I made a decision that I had to make myself feel happy about living here, accept it and being accepted.

Two Weeks ago, I was so stuck by this piece I was creating, I painted over and over again... it was about 11pm at Friday night, I didn't even want to eat my dinner, still searching for idea how to create this piece to express my own feeling about the half-surreal, California scene in summer.

Suddenly, I received an email from a FAA member.  It was the first time she emailed and asked …