Grandpa's Hallway before and after

Being an artist, I can visually create an image in my minds eye. Here is the example of a small painting project.  I did 2 paintings, one is the hallway before, and another one is the hallway after an imaginary makeover.

(Please click the image to enlarge)

An inherited house from grandpa, a couple didn't want to give up anything from the past with those beautiful memories of their grandpa. But they felt depressed living in the house.

The 2nd painting was a suggestion to relocated some of the old furniture and repaint the interior. They took my advice and did a minimal renovation for their hallway as the first step. And now, they are happily living there with their beloved dog, the Hallway Before is handing in their hallway now:-)!

Please click the 1st image for viewing other artists' comments under the painting, or view more paintings at:

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