Practice painting with my left hand

I am a right-handed person. Especially writing in Chinese, parents have to train us from a very young age, and make sure we all use our right hands correctly.

Painting itself is an art, there is no right or wrong answer for any result, just like every single individual, we all have our own characters. Being a visual artist, how we can well present our artistic style takes a lifetime to find out. Though as time passes styles change as well.

I don't like to get stuck with the same style and same color tone, that would be too boring for me. Change is an excitement in life, of course it could be painful sometimes. But I enjoy doing something different all the time, that is my style I believe. I don't think I could run out of ideas, maybe that is my creative "problem" :-).

So, I painted these works with my left hand. I was so frustrated holding my brush, as an adult starting to train my brain to do something really odd. I remember that my brush jumped out of my left hand many times without notice while working on these pieces. But I was surprised by the result myself, and a smile appears on my face everytime I view these pieces.

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