Plein Air @ Rancho Higuera Historical Park Fremont, CA 加州风景寫生

The 20.1 acre property is the remnant of the California Nursery Company, a once a grand nursery operation that brought notable presence to the East Bay and was significantly associated with the evolution of the nursery industry on a statewide level. The California Nursery Company's history dates back to Jose de Jesus Vallejo (1797-1882) who served as the administrator of the old Mission San Jose and military commander of San Jose. Other notable owners were Jonas Clark (1862), John Rock (1865), Williams Landers (1899) and the George C. Roeding family (1917-1968).
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Plein Air @ Harvey Bear Ranch San Martin CA 加州风景寫生

Drove down to the location, I was attracted by the red barn for my landscape plein air. It was on a private property, so the best I could do was drag my outdoor painting stuff through the grass making a fresh spring trail. It was a beautiful sunny breezy day after days of rain. I saw the cows grazing off in the distance on the rolling hills, and could hear their lowing. There were rosters and hens song drifted by from the nearby villages, What a peaceful morning in the countryside in California!

I enjoyed painting the trees and the red barn I liked and ignoring other things I didn't want them in my work. Yes, I'm proud that I am able to have the freedom to be a creative artist instead of copying others, or copying what have been seen in exact sense. My painting went smoothly, I didn't have to retouch much after returning home.

Plein Air @ Fortini Trail head San Vicente San Jose, CA 加州風景油畫寫生

Really forgetful these days, I didn't bring my brushes, only an old rough one in my new tool box. So, I used my pallet knife and the #8 rough flat brush working on a small panel 8"x10". I was OK, I guess the Chinese Calligraphy training at young age did help me. The only issue that we had experienced a gorgeous 70 degree day yesterday, so i did not bring enough clothing for painting out, especially painting in the wind feeling chilly. And there was no bathroom at this location. Hahaha, the rest story depends on your own imagination....
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