Plein Air @ Yamagami's Nursery Cupertino CA 加州風景寫生

Sunny and a warm day at our local nursery. I definitely over dressed with my down jacket on, felt hot in sun. I never thought that there was so much to paint at a nursery, it wasn't easy to make a decision. Time passed by quickly, so I painted this one. Still felt stiff both in my brain and my hand after two months not painting out much. Well, it always is good to get started again, right? Then I used an APP to test the result of today's work by adding a frame.

Plein Air @ Capitola Santa Cruz County CA again 加州風景寫生

Do you trust your instant feeling?
What a day! I didn't like the paintings I did in Capitola last Thursday, so I had to go again. I checked the weather a few times, wished it would be a lovely day in Capitola. In the morning, Google maps showed me that it would take extra 20 minutes, I thought there was some traffic. Then I realized that I chose to avoid high ways. It was OK, I saw something new through the small road in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was gray when I arrived Capitola just as the weather reported. I walked around and checked a couple of locations I wanted to paint from last week. But they looked so different today, especially some people working on the roofs which were covered with dark plastic; last week I saw that there were beautiful palm trees and shadows on the brown roots I wanted to paint. And it started tiny drops of rain... I waited for a short while, walked and looked around, just didn't have any feeling to paint. Soon the rain disappeared. I thought I…

Plein Air @ Capitola Santa Cruz County CA 加州風景寫生

Capitola is such a beautiful place to paint.First time painting at the location in a perfect weather condition today. I hadn't been here for a couple of years.
Actually I arrived early this morning, walked around, found a lovely spot painting the windmill house across the water. There was a car that tried to drive through, the road was so narrow, I had to stop painting and squeeze all my stuff and myself against a tree, otherwise, we would all fall down the slope into the water. After a lunch break, I painted the colorful houses. I didn't know there was a big hidden garbage bin next to me for collecting all the trash from the restaurant. It was a little bit smelly. Besides, I was kind of blocking the walkway for the customers or people working there a bit. Lucky, it was not during rush hour, I didn't move much. It was already 4:15pm, but my second painting wasn't finished... Long day, I am tired.

(Updating from September 20, 2018)